Saturday, July 19, 2008

Injections vs Sublingual

"Some Facts About HCG and Injections vs Sublingual"
Posted by a Pharmacist on the HCG Yahoo Group.

I still see a lot of mis-information and confusion about sublingual HCG on the regular message board, so let's get some facts straight.....

1.) There is no difference in effect between injected and sublingual HCG. Once HCG is in your body, it works exactly....AND I MEAN EXACTLY...the same no matter how it gets there. The body does not know the difference between injected and sublingual, it only sees HCG and doesn't know or came where it came from. This is fact, and I am speaking from experience as a pharmaceutical engineer -- I know how these things work because it's my business to know.

2.) Injected and sublingual HCG can be mixed exactly...AND I MEAN EXACTLY....the same way. There is no special formula for sublingual HCG compared to injections. I did not use colloidal silver and lots of B-12....I used 2 mL of B-12 and 3 mL of vodka and 15 mL of distilled water. I lost 42.7 pounds of the 60 pounds I intend to lose, so it works. This is also fact....the numbers on my scale don't lie and neither do I.

A little aside here: sterile water for injection should not be used because it is somewhat acidic. Bacteriostatic water is supposed to be super clean, free of minerals and pathogens....but distilled water is also mineral-free and much cheaper. If you really think it might be contaminated, boil it again......but that's how it's made in the first place. That's what distillation means....a liquid is boiled and the vapors are condensed to get pure water. Any organisms in the water are killed off in the boiling. Once again, I am speaking from experience with pharmaceutical processes.

3.) The recommended dosage of HCG is 125 IUs per day according to Dr. Simeons, at least to start. You only...ONLY....increase the dosage if you are not losing or are extremely hungry. Another fact, because it comes from Dr. Simeons paper, "The Pounds and Inches Diet". The 166 IUs per sublingual dose number comes from people using Releanna, NOT mixed HCG per the Pounds and Inches protocol. If taken properly, 125 IUs per dose is sufficient.

4.) The rate of loss on sublingual vs. injections varies from person to person, but that is due to differences in body chemistry, NOT the method of dosage. An individual person will very highly probably lose the same amount and the same rate regardless of method, assuming they are doing it correctly. If in doubt, see Item 1.

The sublingual method usually results in about half (50%) of the dose being absorbed into the bloodstream, so the 125 IU dose is taken twice a day. However, getting that 50% depends on how long you hold the HCG mix under your tongue. I did it for 10 -15 minutes, sometimes longer, each time. My results speak for themselves.

5.) It is imperative, repeat IMPERATIVE....that you learn to read food labels. When you do, you will be amazed at how much extra stuff is added to processed foods. White flour, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, starch (esp modified food starch) and chemical preservatives are used in obscene amounts. Also, you can assume that unless it's labeled otherwise, meats are grain fed, injected with growth hormones, and anti-biotics. These things are why we got fat in the first place, so take the opportunity to eliminate them from your diet. Your body will thank you.

Reading labels is also how I discovered that many liquid B-12 offerings have sugar in them, usually in the form of fructose syrup. It may only be a small amount, but Dr. Simeons tells of experiences with his clients that even small amounts of sugar, starch and oil can sabotage weight loss.

6.) It makes NO difference whether you order from Indian or European pharmacies......any drug formulation approved for sale in the US (as HCG is, even if not for dietary use) must meet stringent guidelines as to ingredients and how it's manufactured. The potency is the same regardless of which country it comes form, and there is no difference between Hucog and Organon....they are simply brand names. Cost is only slightly different and delivery times are approximately the same. Once again, my industry experience is speaking here.

There is a difference in packaging but not in the HCG. Packaging from India is in glass ampoules, and packaging from Europe is in small vials with rubber stoppers and an aluminum overcap. Both are sealed containers and both contain the same HCG and either can be used for injections and for sublingual, when properly mixed and in the proper dose size.

7.) Mixing sublingual HCG is no different than preparing injected HCG. You do not need special amounts of colloidal silver, liquid B-12 or bacteriostatic water. I used about 1 mL (which is equal to 1 cc) of vodka to rinse my mixing bottle after rinsing with filtered water, and poured it out. Then I added about 0.5 mL of vodka to dissolve the HCG in the vial (or ampoule), poured that into my mixing bottle and added enough more vodka so I had a total of 3 mLs of vodka. After that, I added 2-3 mLs of liquid B-12 (until I discovered mine had sugar in it), then enough distilled water to have a total of 20 mLs of liquid. Since I bought 5000 IU vials, I had a mixture containing 250 IUs per mL. For a 125 IU dose, I pulled 0.5 mL of mixture into my syringe.

I also found that the liquid B-12 is not necessary. After finding that mine had fructose syrup in it, I mixed my last batch of HCG for my Round 1 Phase 2 using only 3 mL of vodka and 17 mL of distilled water. My losses were slightly better than the previous batch.