Friday, August 1, 2008


Why rebounding is so beneficial

Here is my new mini trampoline, aka a "rebounder". Paid $30.00 for it at Wally*World. I remember having one of these in the early 80's, it was just so easy i figured it couldn't possibly have any health benefits, so it ended up more of a toy for my (at that time) little ones.

Well I got on this thing yesterday, and it kicked my butt good, I could not finish the exercise routine that came on DVD with it!

I'm new at restarting exercise. I started with "Walk Away the Pounds" and it soon became too easy, so I got that mini stepper, (you can see it bottom right in pic) and I really love it. That stationary bike you see to the left is an actual pain in my butt, I despise it, it must go.

Please do click the first link and check out just how beneficial these Rebounder's are, be AMAZED!

(1) non-jarring nature, (2) lymphatic flow increase and immune system boost, (3) good cardiovascular workout and cardio respiratory workout, (4) increases in strength, coordination, balance and flexibility, and (5) increased alertness and awareness generally – qualify rebounding as an extremely beneficial form of exercise for almost everyone. There may be another exercise that is as good for the body and is also as fun and simple as rebounding, I just don’t know of any.