Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Living, GABA, Sprouted, Germinated, Rice

Pre-germinated rice is an emerging health food, by soaking brown rice in warm water prior to cooking; the warm soak induces germination, or sprouting, which stimulates rice enzymes to produce more nutrients. One nutrient is the important brain chemical GABA (PR is often referred to as "GABA rice"), and animal studies have shown that a PR-rich diet can improve cognitive function.

[Scientists say they have discovered why some elderly people have problems with speech, vision and mobility.
They say they happen because older people do not have enough of a certain chemical in their brain. The chemical, called GABA, helps the brain work efficiently, but the supply appears to diminish later in life.]

Other studies have found that PR can also act as an anti-diabetic. With bioactive compounds as ASGs, a diverse family of molecules that consists of a *glucose derivative, *fatty acids, and *sterols. The ASGs are concentrated in the rice bran (outer layer) and not the seed, so they would not be found in white rice. Living rice is considered an innovative and most nutritious rice for it preserves all the nutrients in the rice grain that replenishes us all the essentials help to strengthen our health. As it contains a plentiful of natural tranquilizer, 'GABA' (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) and also Vitamins B Complex, Manganese, Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc which helps us to fight diseases, delay aging process, calm nerves and also many other advantages, it makes us look young, pretty and energetic if we make it our daily consumption.

Here is the coolest "How To" I've found on the net.

I'm making my first batch now, I have it in my dehydrator, with a temp set of 90 Degrees. I'll keep changing the water and it should be ready in three days.

Cholesterol-lowering Mechanism of Germinated Brown Rice Confirmed - FANCL, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

If you'd rather not spout your own, you can find germinated brown rice on-line, also Zojirushi, sells rice cookers that have a built in 'GABA' feature that sprouts the rice for you during the cooking process.